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The acoustic page is ment for our softer side. Sometimes, quite often actually, we make a song or two with
the softer sounds of acoustics. This where you can check out all of those songs. Enjoy.

A nice little piece of music.
Very soothing.

Music by Sandy and Josh.

Cure for the Deep thoughts
A cool song I think came out
pretty cool.

Words by Patrick Canfield
Music by Sandy and Josh

Pet Pev
A salute to Pet Pev.
Pretty cool.

Music & words by
Sandy and Josh

Political Unrest
A redone version of our classic.
Completely different and pretty good.
I messed up the lyrics a little thought.

Words by Josh
Music & words by Josh and Sandy

I Hate Ian (Fullsail)
This is a song that explains the hatred
I hold for Ian and his non-Fullsail ways.

Music & Words by Josh

Kickass song by Sandy'
about a girl named Jessica Saggio
whom he doesn't know.

Music & Words by Sandy


All things Vaginal Anarchy or on this site or anywhere that belongs to us...belongs to us.
Josh Ryan, Sandy Vanderbleek, Andy Polk, Corey Fisher, Landon Grantham.

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