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This is where you can get all of VAGINAL ANARCHY'S amplified music, most of which will make it's way onto the album.
These are kinda like badly recorded previews.
We're working on new music all the time so be sure to stop by and give us some criticism.
It's welcome trust us.


Jan Jan The Automaton
The song about Jan...
The Automaton....
Constructs are fun.
(Very poorly recorded due to time constraints.We will redo it at the next practice.)

Music & Words by Matt,
Sandy, and Josh

I knew you were a robot
We know what you are and
we're going to stop you.

Music by Sandy & Josh
Words by Sandy & Josh
Special Guest: Stiggy! (robot)

Girl Friend So Fat
This song's about your fat girl friend
and how she ruins everything.

Music by Josh
Words by Sandy, Andy, & Josh

Noob song
This is a song I made by
multi tracking four guitars.
Came out pretty cool.

Music by Josh

Techno song about eating kittens.
If you don't like this song you don't like
Music at all..

Bass for unkown song
This is a song I'm working on
and this is just the complete bass
for it.

Music(so far) by Josh

Estrajen And Estrajohn
This is a song Sandy and
I are working on. It'll get better.

Music and Lyrics by
Sandy, Josh, and Andy
My heart plays guitar while I lay bleeding on the floor and josh saves me in a completely heterosexual way
This is just a one man preview.

Not singularly written

This is a song we're currently
working on. It's about people who
stare in class.

Music Josh, Andy, Sandy
Lyrics Josh



All things Vaginal Anarchy or on this site or anywhere that belongs to us...belongs to us.
Josh Ryan, Sandy Vanderbleek, Andy Polk, Corey Fisher, Landon Grantham.

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