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The Misc page is for three things. One for new music we're trying out, kinda like a preview, random stuff we make up,
and finally our old stuff that wasn't all that good.


I'm SANDY!!!
Song with Josh on drums.
Just us messing around.

Political Unrest in the Clitoris
The second half of our first song.

We are working on a copletely new version for the song.

Music & Words by Sandy,
Andy, & Josh

Andy Piano
A little classical Piano performed live.

Music by Andy
Claps by everyone

Not much help
Josh is never any help.
He sucks so bad. I hate him.

By Andy, Sandy, and Josh

So Fuckin Awesome
That's so fuckin awesome....
Oh.....Not so fuckin awesome.

Music & Words by Sandy,
Andy, & Josh

Every Wednesday I clean the dishes
So every day my dad says it's Wednesday
So then when it actually is Wednesday
My dad says, "I got you, you little bastard!"

Music & Words by Sandy,
Andy, & Josh

WARNING: The music below is really bad. Worse than anything above. This is stuff from B.M. (before music)
but it's kinda funny so go ahead and take a listen anyway.
This is the first half of our first song.
It has nothing to do with
the evil KKK.

Music & Words by Sandy,
Andy, & Josh
This is....This is....a song about...
Well anyway.

Music & Words by Liam, Josh,
& Mike
This song is pretty self apparent.

Music & Words by Liam, Josh,
Mike, & Ian



All things Vaginal Anarchy or on this site or anywhere that belongs to us...belongs to us.
Josh Ryan, Sandy Vanderbleek, Andy Polk, Corey Fisher, Landon Grantham.

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