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Corey likes to make sounds. Sometimes he sounds like a computer. Sometimes he sounds like a siren. He likes effects. He's so crazy...and sunburnt. He has a motorcycle and likes to chase down old ladies and whack them upside the head with his super strong guitar. WATCH OUT!!!.... too late.

Name: Corey
Occupation: Sears
Instrument: Guitar
Hobbies: Motorcycles, Music, Gambling, Girls
Influence: Bon Jovi, Queen, and The Offspring.

Joined somewhat later and was the fourth member of the band. Joined because he had no idea how to play. Was designated the "Effects Guitarist" because of the weird sounds he can make even without any talent. Like's to be sunburnt.

Corey's Story:
Always loved music, but had never found the right instrument to play. I had gone through keyboards and violins, harmonicas and recorders, but nothing seemed right. My brother was learning guitar and recieved both an acoustic and an electric but he had long since neglected his electric guitar. So when the opportunity arose that i could lay claim to it Itook it. It only seemed natural to join the band and learn to play with others that had the same passion for music as me.