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Josh has to be the sexiest man alive. One day when Josh was out walking amongst the masses he notice two women starting to cry together. Being the superlatively sexy gentleman that he is, Josh rushed over to the sobbing two and ask if he could be of assistance. They replied that they were sad because two mearly pretty women such as them could never get an incredible, intelligent, prodigiously good looking man such as him. He told the two not to worry and that if they took this magic red pill they would instantaneously have the man of their dreams. So they took the pill and Josh raced their unconcious bodies to Sandy's house, collected his fifty dollars and continued his marvellous day.
Josh is a Guitar God. He is also a fantastic writer of music.

Name: Josh
Occupation: Hobo
Instrument: Guitar
Hobbies: Flash, Html, music, games, weight lifting, masturbation.
Influence: R.A.T.M., S.O.A.D., D.R.I., Dead Kennedys, Offspring, Led Zepplin, The Pillows, The Pixies, Nirvana, Gargamel, Mudvayne, TENACIOUS D!, and sadly metallica.


Story: One of the three original members of the band. Joined with the intention of playing "Drum Guitar" but since only three people showed up to the first practice was promoted to guitar. Can play his instrument fairly well and created this website and most of the things within it. Likes to yell at Andy.

Josh's Story:
Well Sandy and I were in class together and he was talking to Ian(whom I hate) about a new band he was starting. Having played guitar for a few years I was definetly interested, but he when I said I was a decent player he said no. So we agreed I would play "Drum Guitar"(I beat the strings with a fist). At the first practice I started by practicing some songs I new and we decided I would play guitar since only Andy, Sandy, and I showed up. I've been doing the site ever since. We also practice at my house since my parents are the only ones who support the band.