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Shin savat: i hate it
Shin savat: i hope it burns in hell
Shin savat: im going to kill it with a steam roller
Shin savat: im going blow itup
Shin savat: im going to make sure it dies in a vat of acid
Shin savat: want me to keep going?
sloth962: beautiful

Vaginal Anarchy was started a little ways back with a simple story. Sandy and Kool-Aid were standing in the high school one day. Kool-Aid turned to Sandy and said,"You know what the best name for band is? Vaginal Anarchy."
This is the dream that launched a voyage into the astral sound that is Vaginal Anarchy. Sandy decided to try and start the worst possible band in the world. He only acquired people that had no idea how to play their insturments. And so began the band.
As we began to play we slowly realized that, if we wanted to, we didn't have to suck. So we began working on songs and soon others joined the cause.

We have no actual way of determining who is in the band because that would denote a structure and would not be anarchy in any way. We simply let people come and go as they please, although a set few of us do remain constant and hold grounds to most of the artistic concepts.

In short we are either the worst band you have ever heard or a fresh sound on the rise from the ashes of what has become the music of our day.