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"I hate Ian"

Written by Josh

Ian, This is a song for you
And I got a fucking cold
So it's gonna suck
Just like you

You stupid cock
This is about me being right
And you sucking cock
Told you about
Great future at FullSail
You went without
Said you couldn't get a
bachelor's degree in business
But you gained out
Cuz I'm right
and you're wrong
So fuckin'
Fuckin' Ian
Really piss me off for no reason

Ian, get your
Baccalaureates science degree
from FullSail for business
Cuz they got a program now
I hope you die, before you make it to your dream
Just so I can point and laugh

Your a dirty fucker
Hope you and Sandy
Have a good time
Sucking each others...nuts

You're a bitch
Lorna's with cuz she likes the lesbian
You're a dike
And a motherfucking homo

I hate you Ian
Go fuck a goat

Sandy's in this song for no reason cuz I hate him too
You're both fuckers
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
And I hope you die before the song ends
Which is now