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"My heart plays guitar while I lay bleeding on the floor
and Josh saves me in a completely heterosexual way"

Written by Andy, Josh, and Sandy

Sandy's heart is playing the guitar
Listen to him rock cuz he's so fucking good
Thought that's awesome that's not so fucking awesome
Sandy's lying dying on the floor

My Heart plays guitar While I lay bleeding on the floor
And Josh saves me, completely heterosexually
Why do you yearn to be free
I need you inside of me
come back to my chest
Cuz that's where it's best
Pumping warm blood throughout my body
I'm dying without you

Save me Josh
Save me Josh
Save me Josh
My hearts on the floor
Save me Josh
I'm bleeding to death
Save me Josh

Get back in fleshy home
That zesty chesty dome
Get back in your prison of ribs
Cuz that's where hearts like you live
It's where you belong
Sandy needs you in there
Watch out, I'll disable your left ventricle
Back Back where you belong
Back Back where you belong
Back back where you belong
You've been out of the body for too long

You can't beat me heart
I play guitar too
My joules can beat you
Now CLEAR!!!!
I banish thee

Sandy's heart's where it belongs
Bones, vessels, and all
Pumping blood through his veins
Through his eyes the light enters his heart
Peace has risen within the organism
Balance has prevailed
And Sandy is alive
The blood no longer flows