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Jun. 16, 2004

Well I know it's been a long time since I've written in the news section, well never really. But I have some great news. VA is now on the road to making a CD. We've joined up with Lame Records and are currently working with our producer Liam Malone to make our first and possibly only SMASH compelation. We are currently in the process of recording and have already completed three songs which can be sampled in the music section as soon as I get them ready. Well farewell for now and if you know Liam make sure to thank him for the great job he did.

Mar. 7, 2004

The site is now up and running. I still have to check how smooth it is though. Also I still have alot of work to do. I have to make the banner in flash as it is right now a jpeg. When it's finished it will be fully interactive and the faces will be revealed. Also there's some content missing from pages like The Fans and Pictures that I will hopefully be updating soon.
The plan is to update the flash cartoon every week or so and always keep you updated on any events with the band. There is also the possibility of a Vaginal Anarchy web comic so keep tuned for more info. If there are any problems with the site contact me at my e-mail,, or post it on the forums.
Thank you.


Feb. 26, 2004

This is the all new Vaginal Anarchy site. I've been updating it for a while now and it's almost done. Just a few more pages and it'll be all good. The hard parts going to be the completely flash banner. *Shudders*....Work.


All things Vaginal Anarchy or on this site or anywhere that belongs to us...belongs to us.
Josh Ryan, Sandy Vanderbleek, Andy Polk, Corey Fisher, Landon Grantham.

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