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Sandy was born to a mexican leprechan and an irish satyr. He grew up in Florida because he didn't have any means off realizing his powers. He has the ability to suck it hard and long. He enjoys masturbation and wearing midgets as jewelry. His inspirations are Willy from the Simpsons and The All Mighty Intellectually Astounding Josh. Sandy is facinated by the enigmatic conundrum that is Josh.
He also plays guitar.

Name: Sandy
Occupation: Horney
Instrument: Guitar
Hobbies: like being grounded?
Influence: like Jesus?

Sandy is one of the three original members, in fact he's the first person to start the band and bring us together. He's a humble man with malicious desires and he enjoys not coming to practice and getting grounded for B's just to piss Josh off.

Sandy's Story:
like belle and sebastian?